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                                  The company passed Brazil ANVISA site inspection for Clindamycin phosphate

                                  Almost one week site inspection for Clindamycin Phosphate was conducted by Brazil ANIVISA from 16th April to 20th April. Finally the company successfully passed ANVISA inspection with ‘Zero defect’, which could continuously guarantee the GMP regulation and status so as to maintain old customers and develop new customer.      

                                  With the gradual assimilation of GMP cognition in various countries, as well as  gradual deepening of GMP requirements, any GMP official inspection from whatever country plays an important role in the survival and development of enterprise. So, before this ANVISA inspection coming , all employees under leadership of Quality Department prepared at least 3 months. A lot of training, rectification, review and improvement work was done for the compliance of documents, the integrity of the data, the effectiveness of equipment, personnel operation, with the aim of passing official inspection.

                                  Of course, each inspection is the process of identifying issues and keeping improvement. During this inspection, two small Suggestions were forwarded up by ANVISA inspectors according to Brazil latest related regulations. We believe, the company GMP level will become compatible with international related regulations  faster and more comprehensively, and wider international markets will be opened to the company in the future.

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