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                                  There is around 400 staff, in which 32% are college of engineering and technical personnel. The company is in wide and long-
                                  term cooperation with Zhejiang University, Tongji University, Shanghai Institute of pharmaceutical industry,Italian Davohua
                                  company and Korea.The company has technology center, specilized in the R&D of new product and technical improvement.
                                  At present there are 31 personnel working for technology center in which 18 technicians for R&D, 9 personnel for technical
                                  management and improvement, and 4 consultants.all of them are provided with research ability and high education.

                                  A series of system are formulated for the sake of standard management on new product R&D and technical improvement, such
                                  as “managing procedure for technical improvement”, “management on new prodcut development and test”, “managing procedure
                                  for R&D calculation”, “performance assessment system for departments ”, “motivation system for technicians” and “faily
                                  performance assessment system for R&D personnel ”.

                                  The products of clindamycin series belong to national key supports in high-tech field:2.Biology and new medical technology;3.
                                  pharmaceutical chemicals; 4.anti-infective drugs.The company is city level technology center in Taizhou and have the honor to
                                  get 1 national key product, untertake 1 provincial level project and 3 national torch plans because of self-researched product
                                  and technology improvement. Zhejiang Tiantai Pharm is the key high-tech company of national torch plan and provincial high-
                                  tech enterprise.

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