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                                  With much attention to environmental protection, the company establish EHS equipped with “three wastes” disposal station.
                                  The company passed certification of ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health
                                  and safety management system and get related certificates.

                                  EHS Policy:Upholding corporate culture of “pragmatism, innovation, cooperation and sharing”, with proposed idea of green
                                  environmental protection and sustainable development, and to achieve safe and healthy working environment, we here promise

                                  Full participation, implentation of clean production, strengthen security precaution;

                                  Stick to laws and regulations, realize the prevention first and achieve continuous improvement.

                                  Managing Model:By means of Plan, Do, Check and Action, EHS system undertake PDCA management model to achieve
                                  continuous improvement on safety and environmental protection.

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